Leadgate House update

I mentioned in the last Blog on Leadgate House that the lintel stone had the year 1700 cut into the stone and on either side of the date are initials belonging to the Richards family who owned the house around that period – it was the Richardsons who bought the house in which the preacher John Wesley delivered his sermons. When the house was surveyed the surveyor commented that the shape of the open beams upstairs revealed that the the house was most likely thatched in the 16th century and could therefore be older than the date on the lintel so the age of the house is open to speculation!

The work on the showrooms has continued at a brisk pace despite the fact that the back wall had to be tanked and the floor had to have a floating floor fitted, yes I know, all these terms are new to me too but I am learning fast! Any dampness will diminish even more when we have the new guttering fitted at the back of the building – that work is scheduled for the start of next week. When the wall is “Tanked” it will create a barrier to any dampness that may attempt to find its’ way into the show rooms.  The same goes for the floor – so the experts tell me…

I have provided a few photos below showing the show room before, during and after the damp proofing





















The right hand wall has now been plastered and we start later this week painting the ceiling and then we can fix the lighting gantry we have brought from Benton to the ceiling, the walls will be painted when the plaster is dry, in about a week.  Once this work is complete we will transferring all the carpet tiles that were laid originally on the floor in Benton to use here in Horsley – it’s great to be able to do some re-cycling – very apt given that I re-cycle everything I buy stock wise!

IMG_2891The photo above shows the upstairs show room from which all of the sample kitchens are currently being removed.  As soon as it’s ready this area will also be used as a large show room for more furniture.  Fortunately it is already divided into room settings which I will try and utilise when the time comes. We are still planning to open the last weekend of May but, as the sign below says, we will be open in June – ready or not, as they say!

IMG_2959Graham Smith Antiques has been established for 14 years but Graham has been in the antiques business for 40 years. We trade on line and from showrooms on the edge of the city of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and all  the items shown on the website are available to view at the show rooms where they are set out in four room settings – for ease of viewing. As long time members of LAPADA [the Association of Art and Antiques Dealers], the UK’s largest trade association for professional art and antiques dealers, we want all our customers to be confident to buy from us on line or in person and make every effort to make each sale a pleasure.  Please take some time to read our Testimonials page which can be found on the home page of our website.

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