Antiques in a Contemporary setting

We have on occasions customers saying “We have a modern house which won’t take antiques” or“Antiques will not fit in with a modern look”.

To try and change this way of thinking we have given this challenge to Lisa Lyons a young lady who has just finished a BA (Hons) degree in Interior Design at Northumbria University.

Lisa’s brief was to use the upstairs of our showrooms to design a Bedroom, Sitting room and Study using antiques we had in stock and mixing them with contemporary colours and fabrics to give a present day look. As a bonus Lisa has also furnished our shop window with a Christmas theme.

Here are some of her ideas for an office or study, the other rooms will be shown over the next few weeks.


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2 Comments on Antiques in a Contemporary setting

  1. Hi Graham Smith,
    Really nice decoration! I am very glad to see such great decoration. I got new idea from you to decorate my house with vintage items. Thanks to share useful information with us.

    French antiques | December 4, 2014 at 8:59 am () ()
  2. It’s really helpful to see how contemporary colour schemes complement mahogany furniture, looking forward to seeing the other two blogs – I’m going straight to your online desks section to have a look!

    Jennifer Adams | December 5, 2014 at 5:44 pm () ()