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A very broad description “Tables”, we start at the top with the large dining tables to the small wine table or candle stand and every type of table in between.

  • Antique dining tables

We always stock antique dining tables with leaves that pull open or wind open to take the extra leaves, from one leaf upwards. The Antique tables made in the Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian periods in mahogany, oak and walnut complement the sets of chairs that we stock.

Antique circular or oval breakfast or Louis tables that will sit 4-8 people are always in stock from the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian periods made from mahogany, walnut, oak, rosewood, and other woods.  Circular centre tables made for entrance halls and bay windows in mahogany and rosewood are popular and the breakfast table can double as both.

Georgian twin pillar tables with leaves and late 19th century to Edwardian copies of these are made in mahogany and can sit from 6 people upwards and are easy to reduce in size and store the leaves.

  • Antique drop leaf tables

The antique drop leaf table is a more compact and usually a smaller dining table with the 18th century Georgian oval drop leaf table with pad feet to the Pembroke table with narrower drop leaves and most times a drawer at one end. Earlier 18th century oak gate leg tables and late copies of these are of often in stock.

Victorian drop leaf tables are usually a larger version of the Pembroke table on turned legs or the very pretty Burr Walnut Sutherland table with a narrow frame and long oval leaves, some times made of Rosewood or Maple.

  • Antique tea & card tables

Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian turn over top tea and card tables standing on four legs or a centre stalk with tops that open out and have a gate support or swivel around to rest on the frame below are stocked. The period Georgian ones in Mahogany, Rosewood are not un-common; we have even had the unusual, Pollard Elm, Root wood oak, Kingwood & Satinwood.  Smaller Edwardian “Sheraton Revival” made in mahogany or rosewood with box and other wood inlays.

  • Antique tripod & pedestal tables

Tripod tables of all age’s sizes and woods are sold in large numbers so we always have a changing stock of these. The Antique Georgian tripod table, mostly made in mahogany with a circular or oblong top to use for a lamp or as an occasional table are great value for money. The tops are fixed to the base or can tip and in some of the earlier versions can have a “Bird Cage Action”which will allow the top to revolve. The smaller antique tripod tables used as a Kettle or candle stand, we  have the later copies of these table made at the end of the 19th century or Edwardian period great for modern day use as a drinks table beside a settee or chair.

The slightly later Regency & Victorian tables can have a platform base with bun feet, used for the same purpose and again some with fixed tops and others that tip. We have had tables with inlaid tops and games tops to play Chess or Draughts on.

  • Antique coffee table

An article we get asked for all the time but really does not exist, it is a modern piece of furniture. We have used trunks of all sizes which have a flat stable surface and polished wood all around as coffee tables or antique tables reduced in height also work. Chinese “Opium tables” made of rosewood are the correct height to use or there are many second hand early 20th century antique styled coffee tables.