John Nicholson Fine Art



John Nicholson has collected paintings for over 25 years and started dealing in art in 2001, and now has a permanent display of paintings in Graham Smith Antiques in Horsley, Newcastle upon Tyne. He offers an eclectic selection of art from Britain and Europe specialising in the more impressionist styles of French and Scottish Schools.

Artists include:
Atkinson, Brooker, Carmichael, Charlton, Cornish, Dack, De Breanski, D’Oyly-John, George, Hardy, Hedley, Hemy, Henzell, Horton, Hutton, Jobling, Leaver, Mason, McGuiness, Mitchell, Mole, Rainbird, Richardson, Rouse, Scott, Slater, Sticks, Wasley, Wood, and many others.

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