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Shipping Charges:

Shipping Charges for all our products have been reorganised to make them more item specific (JANUARY 2023).

The first category is level One shipping.
This allows for all small items, such as ceramics, glass, small clocks, boxes and small miscellaneous items.

UK Mainland               FREE
UK Non-Mainland        £30
E.U                           £30
USA (North America)  £60
International              £60

The Second category is level Two shipping.
This includes all small to medium sized items that can still be shipped via a courier but are too large to be classed as small packages. For example, clocks, paintings, small tables, Canterbury’s, stools etc.

UK Mainland              £40
UK Non-Mainland       £60
E.U                          £100
USA (North America)  £250
International             £350

The third category is level Three shipping.
This includes all medium to large sized items that require organised haulier shipping. Items of this level are sent via haulier and often require transport personnel to lift and carry them. For example, bookcases, larger tables, screens, chests, cabinets, sideboards, mirrors, hallstands and larger clocks.

UK Mainland               £100
UK Non-Mainland        £150
E.U                           £500
USA (North America)  £950
International              £1500

The fourth category is a SPECIAL level shipping.
This includes all very large sized items that require organised haulier shipping. Items of this level are sent via haulier, are very heavy and often require transport personnel to lift and carry them. For example, 3 door bookcases, large dining tables, large wardrobes, chest on chests, glazed cabinets, oversized sideboards etc.

UK Mainland               £150
UK Non-Mainland        £350
E.U                           £800
USA (North America)  £1600
International              £3000

Please Note:
If you wish to buy more than one item it would be advisable to talk to us and we will give a customised quote for shipping.

Dispatch Times:
Dispatch times will vary depending again on the size of the item and delivery option selected. However, a general approximation is, for smaller items that can be posted, the next working day and within one to fourteen days for larger items. Any delays or irregularities in dispatch that may occur would be relayed to you via telephone or email so that you are kept fully informed of the progress of your purchase.

Insurance cover is provided FREE OF CHARGE for all items.  All items are fully insured and sent at the risk of Graham Smith Antiques ltd. Once the item arrives at its destination and has been paid for in full it is the property of the customer and considered as such by law.

Returns Policy:
Upon receipt of your purchase, you have a 14-day money back guarantee.
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, inform us either by email to:,
Or by phone: +44 (0) 1661 852122
Then return the item within 14 days, in the same condition as it was originally sent, and you will receive a full refund.

Our Guarantee:
We guarantee a professional yet personal service, with prompt attention given to any genuine enquiry or purchase.  It is our aim to make it as simple as possible for you to purchase quality antiques and have your items delivered or shipped to you efficiently and in the condition in which they have been described.

Item Dispatch Details:
With every item purchased you will receive a written receipt, detailing the date or circa date of manufacture, a full description of the item and the price paid. This receipt should be kept for your records and for insurance purposes.

Age / Condition Information:
All of our items are described with a ‘Circa’ age which means approximate. This is generally very accurate as we have a lifetime experience with antiques and have a good awareness of how old items are. However, some items have dates inscribed or stamped onto them, these items are obviously far more exact in their age and can be said to have a precise year of manufacture.

The condition of antiques is subjective, as people who have only previously bought brand new things would have a different view to those who purchase antique items regularly. However, the nature of an antique is that it has an aged look, with generally some signs of wear. Depending on the material this aging may have added to it’s value somewhat, for example a deeply grained mahogany piece would be much superior colour and quality than a new mahogany item.

Our members of staff personally inspect each item that is described on the website and any imperfections of note are marked accordingly within the description. This however is open to human error and oversights may rarely occur, although goods can be returned. As previously mentioned, it is the nature of an antique item to be aged and not pristine. We aim to provide products that are a good quality example of their type whilst keeping their character and not having been ‘over restored’.

We are members of both Lapada and Cinoa and follow their code of conduct to describe and age all of our products very accurately. These affiliations should give customers the security that we are approved by international associations and would never attempt to mislead customers or be dishonest about our products or services.

Part Exchanges:
We do accept part exchanges on items that were originally purchased from us, although this depends widely on current demand for that particular item. It is essential to arrange prior to purchase if you have an item you wish to exchange by email, phone or in person. The items value would then be offset against the total of the item you wish to purchase and if any amount remains from either party this must be paid before the exchange takes place.

Item Priority:
Almost every item that is displayed on the website is also displayed in our shop. This means that it is possible that a purchase conflict may occur. In the event that a purchase is made in person at the same time a purchase of the same item is made online the priority will always lie with the shop “in person” purchase. This has to be outlined in case of this event ever occurring, although please be assured that every effort is made to ensure this does not happen.

Purchasing Antiques can be a very rewarding experience as well as a sound investment. At Graham Smith Antiques we understand that our customers have their own individual needs and reasons for purchase, from furnishing a home to buying a special present for a loved one.

Graham Smith Antiques provides several purchase options to allow customers a secure environment in which to shop and the confidence to make transactions online. Below are the payment options, which we can accept, designed to be as flexible as possible for the convenience of our customers.

Types of card we accept: Visa, MasterCard, Switch, Delta, JCB card, Solo, Maestro, Visa Electron

You may call our shop between the hours of 10.00am – 5.00pm GMT, Mon- Sat, to make a payment with a credit / debit card.
Within United Kingdom: (01661) 852122
International: tel +44 (0) 1661 852122
(Your credit card details will be taken by a member of staff and either entered directly into our credit card machine or noted down and shredded as soon as the transaction is complete.)

Pay Pal: If you do not have a Paypal account, it doesn’t matter as it is not necessary and your payment will be taken like a normal credit/debit card transaction. If you do wish to open a Paypal account it only takes a few minutes and may save you time when purchasing item online in the future. Registration with Paypal is completely free and will not incur any additional costs.
(Your credit card information is fed directly to Paypal; no members of Graham Smith Antiques staff have access to your credit card information)

Cheque/ Banker’s Draft:
United Kingdom drawn cheque, Traveller’s cheque

Cheques must be clearly made payable to Graham Smith Antiques ltd and sent to:     
Graham Smith Antiques,
Leadgate House,
Newcastle upon Tyne,
NE15 0NT

(For Banker’s Draft, please see Direct Bank Transfer details below)

When paying by cheque, items will only be dispatched once the cheque has been banked and cleared. Please be aware that this method is a slightly slower payment option due to the nature of postal services and banking clearance.

Cash / Payment in person:
We do ask that customers do not send cash by post, as it can be unsafe as well as unreliable. If you wish to pay by cash then please come to the shop during opening hours of 10am – 5pm Monday through to Saturday.

We advise that you arrive accompanied by a print out of your order confirmation so that it is clear which item you are paying for. At this point you are welcome to take your goods with you or use our delivery service as offered at the checkout point of the website. (See below for delivery options information).

Direct Bank Transfer:
Transferring money directly from your bank to ours is a very quick way to pay. This option is open to all customers, although we only provide banking details to complete this procedure at the point of purchase.